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research projects

Research of Ontario's Indigenous Education Grant - November 2017

This research studied the effectiveness of the 2007 First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Education Framework (Framework) and its funding provision called the Indigenous Education Grant (IEG). With 80% of the Indigenous students in Ontario studying in the provincial school boards, a key measure that the Framework set out was to close the achievement gap between the Indigenous and the non-Indigenous students in ten years. Now, ten years later and marginal progress made to close the gap, it was vital to understand the barriers that exist in the provincial system for the Indigenous students. Through literature review and extensive interviews with Indigenous Leads, Superintendents and Trustees of half of the province’s school boards, this research drew conclusions on the fundamental issues that are slowing down improvement in Indigenous education.

Research of Ontario's French Language Services Act - May 2017

Following the Federal Government's promise in December 2016, to introduce an Indigenous Language Act, this paper examined Ontario’s French Language Services Act (FLSA) in order to understand the legislative processes and the capacity needed to implement an Indigenous languages legislation in Ontario, to support the collective advocacy, policy and program implementation efforts for First Nations Language education. The report describes the backdrop and the premises for the FLSA and how the language rights for the Francophones are protected through various constitutional acts including the Official Languages Act (1982) and Section 23 of the 1982 Charter of Rights and Freedom. This report describes the vast ecosystem of Francophone associations and also includes some individual perspectives of the who’s who of Ontario’s French language policy world.

A Preliminary Analysis of High Cost Special Education – October 2015

The report provides a basic understanding of the High Cost Special Education Program (HCSEP) integration into the overall coordination of First Nation education and the methodology for disbursement of associated funding. The Research reveals the value of the HCSEP in improving access for First Nation students requiring special education supports however, it also exposes many flaws associated with the Program, specifically the timeline, the funding formula, and the funding level and highlights the many challenges related to the limitations imposed by the yearly allocation. This paper provides recommendations on issues and specific strategies for political review and/or approval for action. This report was co-authored with Julia Candlish.

Environment Scan of the K-12 First Nations Programs & Services in Ontario – April 2014

Understanding the nature of the systems that are currently working to serve First Nations students in Ontario at the K-12 level is an essential element for planning a world class Indigenous education system. With the aim of eventually building a strong 2nd and 3rd level education support service, the status of information for First Nations Schools, Tribal Councils, Provincial and Territorial political organizations, Indigenous controlled post-secondary institutions along with the Assembly of First Nations and allied organizations was gathered, researched and analyzed. The report was co-authored with Kahontakwas Diane Longboat.

conferences & discussion forums

In 2017, helped organize Consultation Engagement Sessions for First Nations communities across Ontario.

In 2015, helped conceptualize and organize two large education conferences that each brought around 25 speakers and 200 attendees that included First Nation Chiefs, councillors, and education professionals involved in the formal and informal lifelong education of First Nation learners.

From 2008-2012, helped organize Executive Education sessions and discussion forums that brought together policy advisers, thought leaders, industry and academia representatives to address topics like Governance, Performance Management, Transition Management and Contract Negotiations. 

Strategy Sessions

Coordinated meetings, agenda,maintained minutes, worked on projects related to Policy Unit, Jan-May 2016.

Department Restructure: Outcome focussed, Resolution based workplans, Strategy Alignment

Systems & Processes

Document Management for policy & advocacy organization 

Drafting and coordination of Briefing Notes  

Program Evaluation 

Mandate Outcome Tracking

Website design conceptualization, communication coordination


From 2016 - 2016, coordinated collation and dissemination of newsletters containing articles on First Nations Education. 

From 2008-2012, coordinated creation and dissemination of newsletters to a membership base of 200 organizations for a not for profit association

Proposal Writing

Drafting of Grant proposals - Canada 150, Ontario 150